Topland University is a Degree – granting Institution that is officially Chartered by the Ministry of Education of Curacao.
Topland University is a unique Private University that delivers quality and affordable education to our students.
Topland University is situated on the Island of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean. Curacao is one of the most beautiful countries in the Southern Caribbean.

Topland University offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees Programs at affordable fees to students across the globe with flexible learning system. Our programs are academically and professionally tailored to suit the needs of today. You will find your study with us interesting. Our tuition fee is affordable, and our students are at liberty to pay by installment which could be either monthly, semester or yearly. Our programs are taught and supervised by well qualified lecturers with both academic and practical experiences. We bring quality education to your door. Our admission is opened round the year. Students can register and commence immediately. You can earn our degrees from anywhere you are in the world. Top your career with Topland University.


  • To deliver quality education to our students.
  • To deliver affordable education to our students.
  • To admit students without discrimination.
  • To incorporate the act of entrepreneurship to our students.
  • To incorporate the act of research and development to our students.
  • To use education as a means of empowerment.
  • To imbibe the act of creativity to our students.


Topland University has officially obtained its Charter from the Ministry of Education of Curacao with Charter No. 2023/022034. This Charter gives Topland University the power to offer its academic programs and award academic degrees. By virtue of the Charter, Topland University is a degree – granting institution that awards Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.


The Governance of Topland University consists of the Board of Directors, Academic Board, and Non-Academic Board.

The Academic Board of the University shall be headed by a Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor. The Non – Academic Board of the University shall be headed by the Registrar. Each Faculty shall be headed by a Dean.


Topland University is situated in Curacao. The Country of Curacao is located in the Southern Caribbean of the region of Dutch Caribbean. Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with Aruba and Sint Maarten and it forms the CAS Islands ( Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten are constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). The Island of Curacao is the largest and most popular of the CAS Islands. Curacao has an attractive economy sector which consists of tourism, international trade, shipping services, oil refining, oil storage and international financial services. The island of Curacao is a politically stable country in the Caribbean region. Curacao as a country operate a Parliamentary Representative Democracy as a system of Government and the capital of Curacao is Willemstad. Nationals of Curacao holds Dutch Passports.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of four constituent countries and they are Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten. However, there’s is a difference between Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Northwestern Europe and also the largest constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands while the Kingdom of the Netherlands is an encompassed Sovereign State that comprises the various constituent countries.

The Island has a well-developed infrastructure with strong tourism and financial services sectors. Shipping, international trade, oil refining, and other activities related to the port of Willemstad (like the Free Trade Zone) also make a significant contribution to the economy.